Inkerman provides a wide range of recycled materials in Aldershot, available to residential and commercial clients. We use our own on site Crusher at our yard in Woking which enables us to offer our customers the most competitively priced recycled materials in Aldershot. Without the need to use other aggregate suppliers, we cut out the middle man, and offer unbeatable recycled materials at a fraction of the price you may pay elsewhere. We can deliver a large volume of recycled materials in Aldershot for every purpose. From small scale garden landscaping to a large scale construction project we will offer a reliable and expert recycled materials solution for customers throughout Surrey.

Sreened Soil: We supply a 10mm sandy top soil, nice and dark, light and especially easy to rake out, a great seeding soil. This is supplied with a soil test certificate to show its free from contamination.

Type 2 Crushed Concrete: This is all very clean and good quality crushed concrete. Crushed at 75mm and very good for road way bases, hardstands and piling mats.

Type 1 Crushed concrete: This is all clean and very good quality and is crushed at 40mm which makes it good for blinding off a driveway base and pathways. This can be supplied with an 803 certificate.

Type 3 crushed concrete: Type 3 crushed concrete is crushed with reduced fines, which is used for drainage use, i.e; stockaways and sports pitches where the material has to be fast draining. Can be supplied from 10-40 mm – 10-75 mm and 40-75mm

Crushed Hardcore: This is crushed to Type 2, 75mm, for use by those on a smaller budget. It’s effective but more affordable.

Crushed Tarmac: Used for Tracks and car parks.


All loads can be supplied from 1ton to 20ton loads.

Delivering recycled materials in Aldershot and the surrounding areas

Our fully qualified and expert drivers will deliver high quality and affordable recycled materials in Aldershot, directly to your site. They will use there experience and knowledge to deliver the materials as neatly, and as close to the area that you need them as possible, saving you valuable time.

Delivering premium topsoil in Aldershot and the surrounding areas

We specialise in delivering quality topsoil in Aldershot at the most competitive prices. Providing complete coverage for the whole of Surrey, our premium screened soil is available in a range of different grades and ideal for any landscaping or building project.

High Quality Top Soil in Aldershot

At Inkermans we are proud of the quality and affordability of our top soil in Aldershot. We offer higher quality top soil for garden landscaping projects or for allotment supply. You may however, require a less fine soil for re-turfing projects or landfill solutions. We are experts in the supply of topsoil in Aldershot and will happily offer you free advice and guidance on the choosing the most effective grade of topsoil for your project.

For a free quote, or to find out more about our recycled materials in Surrey and what we can offer you, please email or call 01483 423995 and speak to one of our friendly staff to see what recycled materials we can supply to you.